The Devil’s In His Pants

Most people think that The Devil is some horned, red beast, with a pitchfork for a tail.  That’s not the case.  The Devil is in:

  • Your bedroom
  • Your husband
  • Your children
  • Your boss
  • Your pastor
  • Your mailman
  • Your best friend
  • Your dog

If you live with, deal with, or are married to a man, he is carrying the potential, ALWAYS, for demonic possession in his testicles.  If he engages in:

  • pornography
  • deviant fantasy
  • infidelity
  • listening to foul music
  • drinking or drug use
  • domestic violence
  • witchcraft

He is opening up himself to external forces, that are waiting around for him to LOG OFF.  If he’s not aware of this, he is not protecting himself from it.  If your man doesn’t guard himself through prayer, meditation, self-reflection, conscious creation, or self-improvement, he’s on his way down.  You’re either going up, or down.  That’s it.

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