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Miami Author answers the question, “Is Eve’s Serpent Still Around?” Candida, The Serpent and The Forbidden Fruit: Sugar.

Unapologetic analysis of women’s health that will make you mad!


[MIAMI, FLORIDA, July 2, 2019 —] In the new book, God’s Pharmacy, Eve’s Serpent: Candida, the author takes a hard look at why biblical scholars have omitted this secret.  Candida is an intelligent organism, inside every pregnant mother, which is transmitted to the child.  Candida morphs itself inside the human body, for the sole purpose of taking it down.  The medical industry knows it exists, and they know what it does.  The general public doesn’t know that candida is behind obesity, sugar cravings, alcoholism, diabetes, and even autism.  Inga Ambrosia, a 15-year vegan, uses philosophical analysis of the behavior of Candida, to expose its malevolent agenda.  She also takes the reader on a journey through the land of Quantum Physics.

When Eve ate the forbidden fruit, she awakened a beast.  This beast is Candida, but the yeast-like fungi only wakes up when its fed.  Its favorite meal is sugar.  When it eats sugar, it poops, right in the bloodstream.  This bathroom break is called, die-off.  Neurotoxins travel through the human body causing a cascade of symptoms, often misdiagnosed by doctors.  These symptoms are:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Insulin Resistance
  • More sugar cravings
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Weight gain in mid-section

If candida is overgrowing in the gut, it suppresses serotonin, a well-being hormone.  Candida hijacks the brain, through the vagus nerve, a highway from the gut to the brain, and manipulates the release of dopamine in decreasing doses.  The dopamine is only released when Candida gets what it likes, which is sugar, carbs, dairy, fat, and alcohol.  People often wonder why they can eat an entire bag of potato chips.  They are being summoned to do that.  An alcoholic doesn’t choose to abuse alcohol.  Candida requires it for survival.

“Candida is a corporation.  It has enterprises all over the world that cater to its growth.  One of these industries is the alcohol industry.  Alcohol contains yeast and sugar.  Beer especially, has yeast and sugar.  Alcohol Spirits contain mostly sugar.”

The author unveils statistics that will boggle the mind.  She covers the nightclub industry, the candy industry, the retail industry, and even the vacation industry.  It would take the average person a lifetime to realize they’ve been tricked and bamboozled into liking pizza and beer.  Only after a diagnosis of diabetes and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver, would they brace the internet for a solution.  They won’t find it.  Behind medical journals, long scientific names, and polysyllabic words that no one can pronounce, there is a hidden treasure of information.  Candida is responsible for 95% of all diseases, and the big boys know it.

Her research is by far unconventional.  Inga uses vlogs, blogs, documentaries, and personal anecdotes to drive the theory home.  She’s not a medical doctor, but she knows how to not get sick.  When she first discovered that she could cure a yeast infection in 30 minutes with household ingredients, she was hooked on alternative medicine ever since.  The reader will be hit with some hard truths, some of which will make them have to look deep into their childhood.  The trip won’t be fun, but it will be worth it.  Only the brave should approach this groundbreaking novel.  It gives an intellectual spanking, but then it soothes the soul.

Inga Ambrosia is an in-your-face author, having written 7 books in 7 years, however, God only allowed her to publish books with his name in it.  She’s a Certified Life Coach, has a B.A. in Psychology, a former Science and Math Teacher, and currently owns a STEM Robotics academy.  Her specialty is Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Spirituality.  She dubs herself, The Millennium Philosopher.

God’s Pharmacy, Eve’s Serpent: Candida, is available on Amazon.  It’s Volume 2 of the God’s Pharmacy Book Series.  Her first novel, God’s Pharmacy, We’re All Addicts: Dopamine, is also available.







 Inga Ambrosia